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How does the Statutes of Limitations impact my practice?

A statute of limitations is the length of time a civil or criminal case can be brought to legal proceedings. After the statute of limitations has passed, the parties in dispute can no longer take legal action.

This impacts malpractice claims made again professional firms. The state in which the claim is filed often determines the applicable limitation period. For example, In California Legal malpractice claims must be brought one year from date of discovery up to a maximum of four years from the date of the wrongful act. In New York, professional negligence actions are governed by a three year statute of limitations.

The applicable statute of limitations is outlined in the attached summary.

The Statute of Limitations in Professional Malpractice (2020)
Download PDF • 94KB

Please note, the attached is a summary and as Jorgensen & Company are not attorneys you should check with local counsel for any State specific rules and to ensure you are aware of the most up to date changes to the statute of limitations in your State.

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