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Protect Your Consulting Firm from legal liability claims

Professionals are responsible for the quality of the advice or services they provide, and ultimately the outcome of reliance upon that advice or service performed. If expectations are not met and a financial loss by a client or third party results, then a lawsuit may arise. Corporate structure, contractual limitations and other methods of legal liability risk limitation may assist in avoiding responsibility, but in the litigation environment that all professionals operate, the only way to effectively avoid a financially crippling lawsuit is to transfer risk to a strong and experienced insurer.


Jorgensen & Company can assist consultants to evaluate legal liability risk, develop tailored insurance coverage and search for an appropriate insurer. Jorgensen & Company has access to a variety of financially strong insurers that possess the expertise and appetite to offer competitive products for a broad range of specialist consultants and consulting firms.

Contact Alex Maggard on (725) 231 7961 or Rickard Jorgensen at (725) 231 7959. , or a member of the consultants' errors and omissions team, for more details.

Custom Quotes for Your Consulting Firm

Consultants' Errors & Omissions insurance is generally  underwritten in the specialty errors & omissions division of an insurer.  Conventionally there is a limited market available and coverage is manuscripted  to meet the particular needs of the consultant.   Jorgensen has long-standing relationships with  leading domestic and international insurers and has the expertise to find solutions with provide cost effective and comprehensive coverage options for consultants.

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