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Protect Your RIA Busines!

Offered in all States by General Security Indemnity Co of Arizona (Scor ), an excess and surplus lines insurer ( ), and member of Scor Re Insurance companies.  Rated “A+” [Superior] Class Size XV by A.M. Best & Company.  Operating as the AdvisersGold™, the program offers a very comprehensive policy form including.

  • Unique coverage features and a variety of new endorsements:

  • Financial Planning and Advise

  • Investment Adviser coverage

  • Registered Representative (product sales)

  • Investment Management Services

  • Life Insurance Sales.

  • Services as a “3(38)” advisor as defined by ERISA Section 402(c)(3).

  • Affirmative Fiduciary coverage provided by endorsement.

  • Accounting services coverage provided by endorsement.

  • Carve backs for alternative investment products.


Complete this form for an estimate of terms.
For more information about AdvisersGold™ please click 


Additional coverage includes:

  • Cost of corrections (trade errors)

  • Disciplinary proceedings (up to $50,000)

  • Subpoena Expenses

  • Expense Reimbursement for trial attendance and loss of earnings up to $750 per day

  • Up to 10% or $100,000 additional defense cost coverage

  • Not for profits Directorships Coverage up to $25,000 per policy period.

  • Risk Management Coverage up to $5,000 for the cost of hiring an approved attorney for risk consulting services.


Premium discounts are available for member of approved professional associations


Contact Alex Maggard on (725) 231 7961 or Rickard Jorgensen at (725) 231 7959. , or a member of the adviser’s errors and omissions insurance team, for more details.

Better Protection with AdvisersGold 

AdvisersGold, provides superior professional liability coverage, at a competitive price, for investment advisers. Coverage is provided for financial planning services, investment management services (including activities as a registered investment adviser), life insurance sales, registered representative and the provision of general financial education courses and seminars.  

Complete this form for an estimate of terms.For more information about AdvisersGold™ please click here.

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