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Protect Your Digital Property!

In conjunction with domestic and international insurers Jorgensen & Company has developed an insurance solution for the following types of cryptographic  assets:

  • Digital art or digital representation of any artistic work product;

  • Digital trading cards or memorabilia;

  • Digital in-game assets or real estate;

  • Digital film, video or audio media;

  • Digital 3D images;

  • Digital cartography, contracts or documents;

  • Digital attachments to Fashion products;

  • Digital books or manuscripts; and,

  • Bred or blended NFTs.

“Loss" means accidental, direct physical loss of or damage to Covered Property arising from:


  • Theft which is unauthorized transfer of covered property or the keys of ownership credentials;

  • Destruction, fragmentation or deletion of a digital asset by a third party;

  • Duplication of a digital asset by an unauthorized third party;

  • Cyber extortion or ransom; and,

  • Authorized push payment fraud as a direct result of any phishing, vishing or other social engineering attack against the Named Insured, any employee of the Named Insured and any which results in the electronic transfer of a covered Property.


See the full Digital asset policy for actual terms and conditions of the coverage.

Contact Alex Maggard on (725) 231 7961 or Rickard Jorgensen at (725) 231 7959. , or a member of the digital asset insurance team, for more details.

Peace of mind for your Digital Art and Collectibles

The Jorgensen digital asset insurance program is specifically designed to cover loss  to  Non-Fungible Tokens [“NFTs’].  NFTs are cryptographic assets on a decentralized and immutable blockchain digital ledger or database that cannot be replicated and possess unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish each token from each other that electronically verifies the existence and ownership of digital collectibles.  This does not include any type of digital funds or cryptocurrencies.

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