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Our Team

Rickard J.


With over 30 years experience in the professional liability insurance marketplace, Rickard Has been privileged to work with many top Consulting, CPA and law firms.  He is  a skilled program administrator and risk management consultant. 

(725) 231 7959


Carol-Jeanette J.

Chief Financial Officer

For the past 25 years Carol-Jeanette has taken care of the financial functions and f obligations of the company.  She oversees regulatory matters and makes sure we fulfill our compliance obligations.

(725) 231 7958


Brendan D.

General Counsel

Brendan is skilled insurance professional and qualified coverage attorney that specializes in management liability insurance.  He has represented large public companies and worked with national law firms.  Brendan is a key contributor to our product development efforts.

(949) 923 9686


Alex M.

Account Executive

Alex has been in the insurance industry for over five years and focuses upon client service.  He specializes in accountants' and lawyers' professional liability insurance.

(725) 231 7961


Rebecca L.

Customer Specialist

As a seasoned client service professional Rebecca has worked hard to ensure that our clients receive the best level of attention and responsiveness.  Rebecca  specializes in professional liability insurance for advisers, attorney and CPAs.

(725) 231 7395


Nancy V.

Client Administration

Nancy is a long-standing Jorgensen employee that has  worked with clients to provide top level service.  Nancy also assists with licensing and regulatory matters.

(725) 231 7960


Dan L.

Account Executive

Alex has been in the insurance industry for over twenty years and focuses upon client service.  He specializes in Ohio and Midwest  firms'; accountants'  professional liability insurance.

(725) 212-4224


Jack D.


Jack is a lawyer and CPA that works with us on special projects and assignments.

(725) 231-7957



Our Mission

We really enjoy what we do and we constantly strive towards service excellence for our clients and insurer partners.  We are constantly curious and always looking for ways to enhance the protection and risk management services afforded to our clients.  We welcome suggestions from clients and friends to add new and innovative features, or develop new insurance products.

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