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Featured Offering: Insuring Attorneys & Law firms for Professional Liability

We are pleased to announce that Jorgensen & Company now offers professional liability insurance solutions for attorneys and lawyers

Lawyer Insured by Jorgensen & Company

Jorgensen & Company is a leading insurance agent for two specialized legal insurance programs:

The Firemark™ – a specifically designed for Intellectual Property law firms

Please click here for a free premium estimate.

LawGold™ – a program that offers broad coverage and competitive premiums to claims-free, low risk firms of 1 to 10 attorneys.

Please click here for a free premium estimate.

In addition, Jorgensen & Company provides on-line risk management services and loss control education at

Contact Alex Maggard on (725) 231 7961 or Rickard Jorgensen at (725) 231 7959. , or a member of the lawyers professional liability insurance team, for more details.


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