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The FiremarkAfter the Great Fire of London in the Seventeenth Century, societies were formed against the loss or damage of property by fire. By the Nineteenth Century, these societies began to emerge as formal insurance companies. As London had no public fire brigades, these insurers formed their own private fire brigades to protect their insured’s property. In order for a fire brigade to identify a property that they insured, fire marks (large iron emblems) were affixed to buildings. Fire marks were an early form of trademarks.Today, The Firemark™ Intellectual Property Lawyers Professional Liability Program identifies your firm as having the quality coverage necessary to protect the practice that you’ve built.

The Firemark™ is specifically designed to protect the unique needs of your practice with a comprehensive policy form and the financial strength of Scottsdale Insurance Company (part of Nationwide® Insurance), an A.M. Best & Company A+ [“Superior”] rated insurer.

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Jorgensen & Company is an insurance agent with licenses in all states of operation. In California, Jorgensen & Company does business as Jorgensen & Company Insurance Services (LIC 0D80873)