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Founded in 1994, CPAGold™ is the brand name of The Professional Advisers Group, Inc, a risk purchasing group formed under the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1986 with the purpose of securing the best quality coverage at the most competitive price for its members. The partner-insurer for CPAGold™ is QBE Insurance Corporation, a member of QBE Insurance. For more information about CPAGold™, Please click here for more information.


LawGold™ is designed to provide insureds with the broadest coverage possible for the changing face of the legal profession. The program is underwritten by Freedom Specialty Insurance Company, an A.M. Best & Company A+ [“Superior”] rated insurer. LawGold™ is designed for individual attorneys and law firms of up to 20 attorneys, with coverage of up to $2,000,000 in the aggregate available. Please click here for more information.


AdvisersGold™ is designed to offer superior coverage for Investment Advisers providing Investment Management and Financial Planning services. The program is in conjunction with QBE Specialty Insurance Company, an excess and surplus lines insurer rated A [“Excellent”] by A.M. Best. In the states of New York and New Jersey, the program is underwritten by QBE Insurance Corporation, a member of QBE Insurance. Please click here for more information.


The Firemark
After the Great Fire of London in the Seventeenth Century, societies were formed against the loss or damage of property by fire. By the nineteenth century, these societies began to emerge as formal insurance companies and formed their own private fire brigades to protect their insureds’ property. In order for a fire brigade to identify a property they insured, large iron emblems, known as fire marks, were affixed to buildings. Today, The Firemark™ Intellectual Property Lawyers Professional Liability identifies firms as having superior quality coverage to protect the unique needs of the Intellectual Property Law landscape. Please click here for more information.


Instant E&O Logo
We are offering a fast and inexpensive errors and omissions insurance for your clients. All businesses face the possibility of lawsuits (legal liability) if the advice or services they provide to clients fail to meet expectations and result in the client, or a third party, suffering a financial loss. Lawsuits can be brought against you by clients, vendors, lenders and clients’ customers. We work in a litigious environments and having adequate Errors and Omissions insurance protection is a key component of business success. Please click here for more information.