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Contract Review

Your Contracts-of-Hire (engagement/retainer) letters is the best place to manage your risk. The contract-of-hire is a tool to communicate with your client.

Crafted properly, a contract-of-hire can help you:

  • Manage risk
  • Improve your relationship with your client
  • Make your project run smoother

Risk is an inherent part of a business undertaking. It is also essential to begin managing risk right from the beginning. You need to talk frankly with your client about what they should and should not expect from your services.

You also need to consider just what you are willing to risk in providing services to a client. Often, a contract-of-hire will include hold harmless, indemnification or limitation of liability clauses that make you responsible for an unfair proportion of a project’s liabilities. At the very least, you need to make an informed decision about the risks that you accept when singing a contract-of-hire.

We can help. We offer contract review services to our clients at no additional charge. We can analyze your legal agreements and advise you on how you can better manage your risk. We can tell you what is insured and what is not insured and were clauses are not insurable; we can offer suggestions to help make them insurable. The goals of our contract review services are to assist you in:

  • Understanding the risk/reward factor of a specific project
  • Understand the hidden costs of a project
  • Maximize your profit potential
  • Making informed decisions when negotiating your contracts
  • Minimizing your exposure to lawsuits
  • Utilizing effective risk management techniques

For more information about our contract review services please call: Rickard Jorgensen at (201) 447 4400 ext. 100
Alternatively, e-mail us at: rjorgensen@jorgensenandcompany.com