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Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

For more than a decade, Jorgensen & Company has represented hundreds of law firms in the placement of professional liability insurance. We offer coverage with over a twenty experienced and financially strong insurers and work with clients to develop unique coverage solutions.We have also developed risk management, loss control and claim avoidance programs to reduce the impact of claims and cost of risk for individual attorneys and law firms.

Jorgensen is privileged to represent sole practitioners and larger law firms, and can find an insurer-partner that will provide the most appropriate and cost effective protection for your firm.

Contact Evelyn Cardona on (201) 345-2456, or a member of the lawyers professional liability insurance team, for more details.

Via Hunt Jorgensen, LLC, an affiliated company, we offer coverage via two specialized programs:

  • The Firemark™ – a specifically designed for Intellectual Property law firms
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  • LawGold – a program that offers broad coverage and competitive premiums to claims-free, low risk firms of 1 to 10 attorneys.
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